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CloudInfraSpecs was established in 2002, a materialization of my vision to  provide the private sector with IT innovations that were once only accessible to large firms with huge budgets.

IT Management Software is crucial. Our services are focused on reducing problems from your current computing network. Thus, our innovations are likened to having a dedicated IT department 24/7 – only it’s a fraction of the cost.

Our vision is your goals. The CloudInfraSpecs management system means that we find small issues while they have not yet grown into risky problems. Thereafter, we address them in the least disruptive manner possibility, reducing the risk of data leaks, inefficiencies and loss of business.

We solve your IT Challenges so that you are free to focus on everything else. With a dedication to the pinnacle of IT services, we are confident that our products and delivery saves you time and money, allowing you to allocate these precious resources elsewhere.

We value our clients, meaning that every relationship developed is important and a priority to us.