Managed Backup Solutions

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Our Goal: Your Peace of Mind

Our systems are created with our clients in mind, which is no different when it comes to CloudInfraSpecs’s backup services. We ensure that critical business information ad data is safely stored even during the most worrying circumstances. Moreover, we ensure quick access to this information in the event of server failure, which is just as important for commercial success in any industry.

Our backup processes have been tested and designed with the worst possible situations in mind, truly disaster coverage and a great insurance solution.

Best of Both: Cloud and On-Premise

To cater to a great deal of problems which may arise, we have developed a hybrid approach. This equates to critical data being stored on a cloud platform as well as on- site. Furthermore, we are ready to provide all the necessary hardware and software to create such a secure backup system – making it a true solution that is both fast and reliable.

Restore and Recover

Recovery tasks are often overlooked by digital service providers, but it is still important nonetheless. If you are looking for a lost document that could be the difference between losing a deal and closing a lucrative opportunity, our support staff are always a phone call away. We get your documents back – fast. We also offer image-based backup services that attempt to provide a solution when all else fails.

Included in Fully Managed and Integrated IT Packages
Also Available as a Standalone Package!