Network Infrastructure Management

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Networking Simplified.

Network Infrastructure Management is a large part of our core offering. As an IT- specializing firm, CloudInfraSpecs is primed to provide services which range from setting up VPNs to ensuring your network security through Meraki security standards. We also understand the need for effective firewall configuration, as this puts a barrier around your network and the sensitive data which it contains. We ensure that only the traffic which you intend to access your network is allowed in and that the rest is kept at bay. With CloudInfraSpecs, security is paramount.

Content Management and Security

We have obtained a Meraki Advanced Security License, making us the perfect organization to assist you with network safety, scanning and virus protection. We can also assess threats and stop them before they occur.

VPN Setup and Management

We create VPN branches that are secure. Moreover, we are able to implement this technology without costly equipment – we keep it flexible and based on your specific requirements.

We provide a VPN service that is capable of split tunnel and full tunnel settings. Ongoing assistance is also available if needed.

Bandwidth Management and Reporting

When it comes to internet speed and management, we don’t take the approach of trail and error. We get your speed up and keep it there. There is no reason why your surfing should be slow or your database loading time-consuming.

We leverage on state-of-the-art reporting technology in order to create an issue resolution process that deals with issues with little to no disruptions.